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Schedule to success: at the right time in the right place to the right customers.

When watching or listening to an ad, have you ever wondered who is behind it and who decides where and when a particular ad will be played or shown? This is done by media planners, who together with the team plan marketing campaigns, create advertisements and perform media leasing for our clients. We lease traditional media (radio, TV, magazines and newspapers, outdoor areas and poster places) and digital media. We will carefully choose an individual medium for you according to your goals and available resources while optimizing the media plan according to indicators (content suitability of the channel according to the content of the campaign, media impact and response, reach and target media groups …). We watch the campaign from the order and carefully monitor the implementation of the media plan and the achievement of the set goals.

We help you set realistic goals
We analyze the competition and the target group
We form an idea
We prepare a strategy and a media plan
We take care of the media lease
We monitor the campaign, optimize and prepare reports

Trust us with your wishes

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